DC – Marketing Concepts 101

Washington D.C.
Continuing Education
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Course Fee: $14.99
Credit Hours: 1 hour

Course Description

This course provides an introduction into what marketing is and why it is important for beauty professionals. It focuses on the shifts in marketing as it pertains to going beyond the natural interactions professionals have with clients.

Furthermore, it guides students on social media and the role it plays in marketing in the 21st Century. There is a revolutionary push behind understanding how to use social media to a salons advantage. This course discusses the basics of social media and its use for small businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand the basic concepts of marketing their salon or business through various social media outlets.
  • Once the course is completed, students will be able to apply effective techniques to better advertise their business and grow their clientele.
  • Student will be able to test knowledge and understanding of course material with final exams.

This is an ONLINE 1 hour CE course for Hair and Beauty Professionals in the Washington D.C. The class is approved by the District of Columbia Board of Barber and Cosmetology.