South Carolina Approved CEU Online Self-Paced

In the dynamic world of hair and beauty, the pandemic has reshaped how we view and implement safety and hygiene practices. This course is a comprehensive guide, tailored specifically for salon owners, managers, and professionals, emphasizing the critical role of maintaining high standards of hygiene to combat the spread of viruses and bacterial infections. It’s more than a responsibility; it’s a commitment to health, safety, and excellence in the hair and beauty industry.

The course provides an essential toolkit for thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of the hair and beauty industry. It’s designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and insights, ensuring you’re equipped to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene in your salon or business.

This is an ONLINE 4 hour CEU course for Cosmetologist, Nail Technicians and Estheticians in South Carolina. The class is approved by the SC Board of Cosmetology for the 2024-2025 renewal cycle.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to…

  • Implement best practices to operate safely amidst COVID-19 challenges
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the regulations that govern workplace safety, including those specific to South Carolina
  • Master the criteria for evaluating decontamination techniques, focusing on efficacy and safety
  • Develop a nuanced understanding of hair care in relation to safety, enhancing both business operations and client experiences
  • Enhance your knowledge of the SC Board of Cosmetology rules and regulations, understanding not just the ‘what’, but the ‘why’ behind each rule